Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for fitting our inspection in yesterday on short notice. You were prompt, thorough and very professional.   You guys are priceless–and worth every penny!  You just saved us from making a big mistake.  I would never buy another home without a comprehensive home inspection, such as you have performed for us.

Thanks so much for helping us make an informed home buying decision.  We have already recommended you to The Athens Real Estate Company, and will gladly recommend you to others.

Gloria W.


Calvin & Lisa,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time on 2/10/15.  It was a pleasure to meet you and your advice and suggestions were greatly appreciated.

Bryan F.


Calvin and Lisa,

Thank You for the excellent job you did for me on the property on Red Brush Road. I have performed all the repairs and I am putting the property up for sell. We didn’t find any surprises during rehab so I was very pleased with the inspection.

I am currently looking at a property in Athens. I was hoping if I am able to pick up this property you would be able to perform the inspection for me. I wanted to make sure that you were willing to travel to Athens, checking your availability, and how much notice you would need to perform the inspection for me. It is an eight bedroom single family that is rented to college students.

Thank You,

Anthony P.


Hi Lisa (and Calvin),

I wanted to thank you both (and John) for everything! My first home, my first home inspection, but I feel like you all went above and beyond, so thank you so much! And thank you for helping Linda out with the whole radon thing too! You certainly didn’t have to make a second trip, but I really appreciate it!! I do have one favor to ask though…while you are out there on sunday to pick up the radon and check the water, would you be able to measure the fridge space for me? W x H x D?? We meant to do it on wednesday but totally forgot! Let me know!

Again, thank you!!

Liza H.


To Angie’s List:

My house in Athens is a rental and my tenants had reported some moisture under the house in the crawl space after a particularly nasty rain storm. Then he called and said that the whole family was sick with upper respiratory symptoms and it had been going on for a couple of weeks. I was concerned with the possibility of mold under the house making them ill. Enter the Parkers. They came out the next day, did a thorough inspection and sent me the report with lab results within a few days. All was well, and they’ve even been emailing back and forth with me about getting my crawl space better ventilated. Very nice people and very thorough job always bearing in mind my tenants safety and my legal obligations.

Great Folks, great experience

Eric H.


When my customers ask for the name of a home inspection company, this is the company that I suggest.  Please read the following and know why I am more than comfortable recommending them.  If you will click on their web address, you will find links (icons) that will be useful to your customers when they have questions about home inspections.

As a professional Realtor, I always feel better when my buyers want a home inspection.  I always tell them that if I were buying a home, I would want one.  The Parkers, too, are very professional and I have never had them “scare” my customers and “kill” the deal.  If there are serious issues with home, I want my buyers to be aware of them.  Then they can make the decision of what they want to do.

Linda M.


Buyer’s just always need to be set up to understand that every home is going to have a list of issues whether major or minor and the Seller is never going to fix every little thing on that list.  As long as they know that it is all about negotiating or in some cases just being able to handle the repairs themselves once the home is purchased just telling them these things ahead of time is usually enough.  I have never had an issue with a deal with Parker’s unless it was a house that really was a piece of crap and no one in their right mind should buy anyway!

Julie W.


I personally can’t thank you enough for what your services did for my client and I. I look forward to working with you in the future!! I am going to attach a few areas of concern from your inspection report to the purchase agreement termination request form that I am sending to (DELETED).?

Thank you very much,
Brian M.


You guys were really thorough!
I appreciate all the information. I am very impressed!
I believe I am able to download everything and the pictures are awesome.
HAve a great holiday.

Thanks a bunch!

Dorothy L.



I recently had a home inspected by your company. I really liked the .pdf file and feel you did a great job. I installed a couple home radon tests bought from radon.com. The instructions stated that the home should be sealed throughout the test and during the next day, a termite inspector entered the home. After sending the radon tests in, we received the results and one read 13.5 pCi/L and the other 19 pCi/L. This concerns me due to research I have read on radon.com about 4 pCi/L being a “safe” level. How much concern should I have? Who, within our area, would you recommend on doing a radon test to the home? I would appreciate your professional opinion!

Jake E.


I have been sharing your web site with other home buyers who need to plan their inspections. There is a probate issue for the property that we were interested in. Your service fees and details that you are providing for the home buyer are top quality. We appreciated your all your information.



“ I just wanted to let you know how glad I am you inspected this property for me! You saved me $32,000 in repair costs! My contractor was impressed with your inspection and said I really owe you guys. I truly feel that this was the best spent $325 of my life! I will use you again and I am going to tell everyone I know about you. Thank you so much!”  Amy C


” the Parkers are the only inspection company our family uses for inspections during our investment processes. ” – Nicole H.


Dear Calvin and Lisa,

I hope you got my message of reply after your notification of the stove recall.  In the event not will update you.  The people from Frigidaire are coming on Tues.  We are wondering why were never notified. 

Also we had a gentleman come in to give us a bid on the window replacement.  The bid was $3000.  Another specialist is coming in on Monday from Home Depot as we don’t recall the name of the window company our builder used and he passed about a year and a half ago.

Our feeling at this time, due to that high price is we may wait until there is a buyer and take that price off the house in the event they care to choose their own window specialist. 

 We remain so deeply grateful for the opportunity to have you come to our home and share your expertise.  Oh why couldn’t we have been so lucky as to have you originally.  You are both so professional, giving us confidence that had been so shattered.  We felt totally privileged and cannot thank you enough.

 Jon and Nancy B.


We cannot thank you enough for your expertise in home inspection.  We agreed with everything you found that needed repaired & trusted that they were serious and needed tending to immediately. The man who finished the repairs in the attic and checked on the others has done an amazing job.  We will remember you when anyone ask for a good home inspection & security company.  Well, I guess I’d better pay my bill.  Take care and be safe.


Dennis S. & Paula W.