T&G / Tongue And Groove – The ridge on one side and slot on the other side of interlocking planks used in flooring.

Tab – The exposed portion of strip shingles defined by cutouts.

Telegraphing – Shingle distortion that may arise when a new roof is applied over an uneven surface.

Termite Shield – Metal shield between the foundation and the sill plate.

Thermostat – Device to regulate the operation of the heating and cooling equipment depending on the temperature.

Three-dimensional Shingles – Strip shingles containing more than one layer of tabs to create extra thickness. Also called three-dimensional shingles or architectural shingles.

Threshold – Wood or metal strip with sloped edges, secured the floor in the doorway.

Top Plate – The horizontal piece of wood nailed to the top of a partition our stud wall.

Transom – Horizontal beam or member separating a door of a window above it.

Truss – Prefabricated component used for roof rafters or floor joists. Any rafter or joist constructed in a manner to allow it to span a greater distance than a rafter normally would.

U-Guard – A plastic shield that protects electric wires on the side of utility poles or a house. Recognizable by its gray color.

Underground Service – The incoming electrical supply for the home is buried underground.

Underlayment – Asphalt saturated felt used beneath roofing to provide additional protection for the deck.

Ungrounded Outlets – Older style outlet that only accepts two-pronged plugs. These outlets do not have a ground wire. While they are acceptable in homes with older type wiring, they are not as safe as grounded outlets. Can be made safer by adding a GFI.