Sash – Frame that holds the glass in a window

Sash Balance – The mechanism usually a spring designed to hold the window sash any desired level.

Self-sealing Strip – Factory applied adhesive that bonds shingle courses together when exposed to the heat of the sun after application.

Service Drop – The overhead service connection from the utility pole to the house.

Service Panel – The fuse board or breaker panel that distributes the incoming electrical power to the various circuits in the home.

Settling – Movement as a building settles after construction. Problematic when settling is uneven and cracks occur in the foundation walls.

Shading – Slight differences in shingle color that may occur as a result of normal manufacturing operations.

Shake – Usually refers to Cedar, a shingles that is split from a block of wood, used for roofing or siding.

Sheathing – The exterior finish between the framing and the exterior siding, or the trusses and the roofing.

Shingles – Any asphalt, asbestos, wood or slate roof covering bed is made to standard lengths and widths.

Short Circuit – Result of the hot and neutral wires being crossed, improper wiring, a wet appliance etc. Not good!

Side Light – A narrow fixed glass window to the right or left of the door.

Siding – The exterior covering on the outside of the frame building, vinyl, wood, shingles, plywood sheets.

Sill Plate – The first component of the framing, bolted to the foundation walls, supports the building while anchoring it to the foundation.

Slab-on-Grade – Concrete slab foundation, built on ground level, no crawl space or basement.

Smoke Chamber – Large area in the chimney above the fireplace. Funnels smoke into the chimney liners / flue.

Soffit – Area under the roofs overhang, situated between the wall and the gutter.

Soil Stack – A pipe that vents the sewer or waste water plumbing, usually vents through the roof.

Span – The horizontal distance from eaves to eaves.

Splash Block – Concrete or plastic form, placed on the ground under a downspout to disburse water away from the house.

Square – Unit of roof measurement covering 100 square feet. 10ftx10ft.

Square Tab Shingles – Shingles on which tabs are all the same size and exposure.

Stair Tread – The “flat step” on a stairs.

Stair Riser – Back of the step, between two steps.

Starter Strip – Asphalt roofing applied at the eaves that provides protection by filling in the spaces under the cutout’s and joints of the first course of shingles. Step

Flashing – Flashing most commonly seen at the joint between the roof and a brick chimney. As the roof goes up the flashing is cut into the next highest brick, giving it a stair step appearance.

Stile – Vertical edge member of the window sash.

Studs – Vertical framing members usually 2″x4″.

Stucco – Exterior plaster tight finish made with Portland cement.

Structural Integrity – The ability of the structure to function as required.

Stud – Typically the vertical structural components of a wall. Usually 2″x4″ wooden members.

Sub-contractor – Contractors or trades people working for a general contractor.

Sub Floor – Concrete floor, or the flooring installed over joists to provide a solid surface for carpet, tiles, Etc. Can be OSB, plywood or T&G.

Sump Pump – Pump in the basement or crawl space connected to a drainage system under the house. Works automatically, keeping area from flooding.