Mansard Roof – A double-pitched roof with the lower section acting as walls, contains dormers.

Mantle – Shelf above a fireplace.

Masonry – Any wall or pier made using any combination of concrete, brick or stone and mortar.

Metal Lath – Expanded metal or wire mesh used as a base for plaster or stucco. Mil – One thousand of an inch.

Millwork – Refers to trim work used on the insider outside of windows and doors, decorative work on porches, panel were, stairways, mantles, etc.

Modular Home – A home constructed in a factory and delivered to the site in sections. Assembled on foundation walls already constructed on-site.

Mortar – Mixture of Portland cement, lime and sand, mixed with water. Used as the “glue” between bricks or blocks.

Mortar Bed – A layer of mortar onto which a block, brick, tile or other member may be laid.

Mullion – The vertical member between any two window units.

Nesting – Method of re-roofing with new asphalt shingles over old shingles in which the top edge of the new shingle is butted against the bottom edge of the existing shingle tab.