Fascia Board – Board located under the edge of the roof (behind the gutters). Used to finish around the face of the eaves and roof projections.

Felt – Fiber is material saturated with asphalt and used as an underlayment or sheathing paper.

Finish Flooring – Carpet, tile, hardwood, Etc.

Finished Grade Line – The ground level for grass, flowerbeds, etc. around the foundation of a building.

Firebrick – High-temperature brick used in fireplaces, interior of furnaces, and stoves. These breaks do not break or shatter when subjected to heat.

Firewall – Wall erected to stop or slowdown the spread of a fire.

Flashing – Pieces of metal or role roofing used to prevent seepage of water into a building around any intersection or projection in a roof such as vent pipes, chimneys, adjoining walls, dormers and valleys. Galvanized metal flashing should be a minimum 26 gauge. Can be aluminum, copper, sheet metal, tar, or lead.

Floor Jack – Pole or post used to raise and / or support a sagging floor. Steel posts with a screw jack built into one end of the post.

Flue – The passageway or pipe in a chimney through which smoke or fumes are moved.

Flue Liner – The interior of the chimney that takes the smoke up and out. Usually made of clay or stainless steel.

Footings – The base of, or lowest portion of the foundation walls, usually made of concrete.

Foundation – Supporting structure below the first floor that holds the building and transfers and distributes its weight to the ground.

Foundation Wall – The wall that supports the structure of the building. Can be poured concrete, block, stone or brick.

Framing – Structural skeleton of the building, the wood walls that sheet rock and siding are attached to.

Frost Line – The point below ground beyond which the ground does not freeze. In our area this is approximately 42 inches.

Furring – Strips of wood applied to a wall or other surface to line up and get even. Used as a base for fastening finish materials.