Above Grade – Any part of the structure or site feature that is above the finished ground level.

Abutment – The structure designed to receive thrust, supporting structure. Especially of a bridge or arch.

Aggregate – Course material; gravel, crushed stone or sand with which cement and water are mixed to form concrete.

Air Barrier -Material used to retard the passage of air.

Air-dried – Refers to lumber that has been seasoned or dried naturally as opposed to kiln dried.

Air Duct – Pipe, tube, or box section constructed to move air from the handling unit to the area in which it is needed.

Algae Discoloration – Roof discoloration caused by algae. Commonly called fungus growth.

Amps (Amperage) – Measurement of electricity, the higher the number of amps the more electricity you have available to you.

Anchor Bolts – Bolts that secure the sill plate, which is first component of the framing of the house, to the foundation walls.

Apartment – A room or rooms used as living quarters. Dwelling unit of a multifamily house.

Apartment Building – Dwelling comprising of three or more living units with shared entrances.

Apron – The piece of trim below the windowsill, installed to cover the rough edge of the wall finish. The area created by the extension of a concrete garage floor beyond the face of the building.

Air Space – Cavity or space in walls, windows or other enclosed parts of the building between structural members.

Airway – Space left between roof insulation and roof deck to allow the unobstructed movement of air.

Alteration – Any change that does not alter the total square footage.

Artificial Stone – Concrete unit artificially colored and shaped to resemble natural stone.

Architectural Shingles -(Laminated shingles) Strip shingles containing more than one layer of tabs to create extra thickness. Also called three-dimensional shingles or architectural shingles.

Asbestos Cement – Fire resistant waterproof building material made from cement and asbestos. Used in corrugated sheets, shingles, pipes etc. Asphalt – Bituminous compound used in construction for waterproofing, roofing, and driveway paving.

At Grade – Term applied to any part of the structure or feature that is located at the same level as the adjacent finished ground level.

Atrium – Interior enclosed court into which other rooms open.

Attic – The inside space between the ceiling and roof.

Attic Access – Hatch or door to the attic area.

Attic Vents – Ventilators inserted in the roof, at the gable ends or the soffits to provide air flow to the attic area, necessary to keep the attic area cool and dry.