What “Parker ” Stands for in Home Inspection Services:

It began with Calvin and Lisa Parker and their affiliated partners, strongly believing it is the Ethical duty of home inspectors to be Consumer Protection Advocates for clients. Established in 1992, it began with Parker Safety. The inspection company inspected over ten thousand residential and commercial properties. Many of those inspection were with Jon Parker.

To ensure our clients received only the best services, Calvin, Lisa, Jon, Jim and Julie have had rigorous classroom and field instruction. Our inspectors are members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and are seasoned customer service professionals. Calvin and Lisa Parker, and Jim Vaughan also established Parker Training Services, LLC which maintained a rigorous classroom and field training program used and approved by, surrounding states where licensing of home inspectors was required. This instruction was 80 hours of instruction and passing a tough exam. We are proud to say that Jon Parker was a part of the instruction staff and passed those tests as well.

What is a Qualified Home Inspector?

Many states require that Home Inspectors are licensed. Unfortunately Ohio is not one of those states, though all our bordering states do. This leaves you as a buyer in a position of not knowing where to find a PROFESSIONAL home Inspector. A Professional that follows a Standard of Practice and a Code of Ethics because they are a member of an organization with stringent standards. You want an inspector who is TRAINED and maintains continuing education. An inspector who can tell you what is wrong and what the consequences are, as well as what is right with the home.

The lack of licensing and regulation puts the onus on you to choose a Home Inspector who adheres to the strict standards of practice and code of ethics. An Inspector who is associated with a professional trade group that demands consistency and integrity in their Inspection business. The nations leading association sets the bench mark for Inspectors…..InterNACHI…the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and/or CICPI (Center for International Certification Programs Inc) certified. Jon Parker, Parker Home Inspections, meets these qualifications.

Our Inspectors:

Jon Parker

Jon Parker

Calvin & Lisa Parker

Calvin Parker CSE, CRI, PMI, (Retired) & Lisa Parker CSE, CRI, PMI (Retired)

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“All things eventually come to an end, or have run their course. We, at Parker Safety are grateful for the opportunity to have served the real estate community. Calvin retired several years ago, and now it is time for Lisa to retire as well. We thank our clients we have served over the years.

Our son has now taken the reins and will be guiding HIS company , Parker Home Inspection Services, into the “Next Generation” of home inspection in our area. Make no mistake, he is one of the best trained inspectors in the area and you should expect no less from him. He will continue to share many of the articles and documents we put together for clients over the years. Who knows, from time to time, we just might come along for the ride. Good Luck Jonathan, and God Bless”.

Area of Service:


Parker Home Inspection services all of the counties indicated in the colored area. The counties colored pink are local to our offices.  The counties colored purple are not within our service area.