Is There a Better Time to Run the Clothes Dryer?

A typical dryer exhaust 300 to 500 cubic foot of air per minute from the vent. This air is extracted from the home through vents in the dryer, heated and then circulated through the dryer cavity.   This air is coming from inside the home that has been conditioned (heated in the winter and cooled in the summer) to the desired temperature inside the home.

For example in the summer time – if the house is conditioned to 72 degrees, and the outside air is 85 degrees at noon, then the dryer is drawing the 72 degree air into the dryer, using it to dry the clothes and then exhausting it outside the house through the exterior vent. The house is equalizing the inside/outside pressure and drawing air in every tiny opening from the exterior at 85 degrees at noon.   While at 8am or 8pm it’s 75 degrees.  

The AC will need to run more to cool the 85 degree air at noon then the 75 degree air at 8am or 8pm. 

So in review it’s better to dry clothes in the summer in the cooler part of the day and in the winter during the warmer parts of the day (to keep the furnace from running more).

NOTE – It is unsafe to dry clothes when asleep or when no one is home.

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